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3.   HITLER JUGEND FUHRER Photo Album Grouping - ITALY - TOP!!
One of the BEST HJ groupings we have ever offered!  There photo albums with 311 photos, all form the same Hitler Jugend Fuhrer boy!  Very well captioned throughout.  Filled with amazing images of everything Hitler Jugend a collector would want to see - Super HJ and HJ Fuhrer uniforms, HJ parades and instruments, ceremonies, camping in the field, attending rallies with personalities present, great HJ Flags and banners, hiking, visiting the sights in Germany with his unit, HJ sports competitions, and, most exceptional, are many photos form his time with his unit on an official trop to ITALY - many identified locations, interacting with Italian children, visiting Mt. Vesuvius, Rome and Naples, and more. Fantastic grouping! Also some photos of his NSKK and later Army service in the France Campaign.