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3.   STALINGRAD + DAK AFRIKAKORPS Photo & Document Grouping - Panzer Grenadier Rgt. 160
Grouping to Robert HERINGER who served in Panzer Gren Rgt 160.  This unit was formed and destroyed in Afrika.  It was assigned to Division von Broich.    64 photos and two nice large colorized portrait photos of the man. Good photos of tropical uniforms in wear, field bivouacs in Africa, and more.  Comes with his ARMELBAND AFRIKA award Document from Panzer Grenadier Rgt. 160, his Iron Cross Second Class award document awarded Oct 1941 from his time in IR 226  (STALINGRAD) with original signature of 79 ID commander Gen. STRECKER. his Westwall medal document, his Wehrmacht Drivers License. Also comes with a huge amount of typed diary material of his service discussing battles in France, Africa, Russia and Italy!!
695 Euro - $835