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100.   WWII AAF Airman Purple Heart Certificate KIA Grouping - 501 Bomb Group
Named to Sgt. Charles T. ELLMAN, Ball Turret Gunner in the 501 Bomb Group, 510 Bomb Squadron. He was KIA on Dec. 30, 1943.  Comes with his original PH certificate dated Jan. 1944 and his Citation of Honor with original folder.  He was killed on mission to IGF factory at Ludwigshaven. In B17#42-39780 'Little Twink.'  On bomb run, ac hit by flak and lost #3 engine. Hit by flak again over Frankfurt and unable to keep in formation, RAF escorted a/c to Hawkinge where a/c crash landed. Unfortunately 7 crew members baled out but parachutes failed to open. 5 KOF 5 RTD