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81.  Panzer Assault Badge "25" Wehrpass & Document Grouping - PANTHER -  5x T-34 kills in one day - 23 Panzer Division - TOP!
Amazing grouping named to Uffz. Erwin EIFLER He served in Panzer Regiment 201 from Oct 1941 to July 1943. The unit was renamed Panzer Regiment 23 in Aug 1943. He remained with the unit until war's end.  Wehrpass is well-filled out. Lists all awards including Panzer Assault badge "25."Alson contains a great list of compaigns. He was wouned in May, 1942 from a shell splinter.  Comes with his PANZER ASSAULT BADGE award document with original signature 23 Pz Div commander Generalleutnant Hans Freiherr von Boineburg-Lengsfeld 9RK winner), PANZER ASSAULT BADGE "25" (II Stufe) wth original signature 23 Pz. Rgt. commander Major Fritz FECHNER (RK winner & rare signature to find!!), IRON CROSS FIRST CLASS award document with interesting unit "Division Panzer Kompanie "Rothe," with original signature 23 Pz. Div. commander Generalmajor Ewald KRÄBER (DKiG), IRON CROSS SECOND CLASS, also with signature von Boineburg, BLACK WOUND BADGE award document with orig. si. Abt. commander Oberstleutnant Georg-Hennig von Heydebreck (RK winner while commanding Fallschirm-Panzer-Regiment 1 "Hermann Göring"), a VERY RARE card awarded to Eifler for exceptional service with original signature 23 Pz. Div. commander Generalmajor Ewald KRÄBER, a complete listing of  his STURMTAGEN - Panzer engagements qualifying him for the Panzer Assault Badge "25," and he was well on his way to the "50."  documents confirming his 14 Sturmtagen qualifying him for the Panzer Assault Badge, amazing document commending him for action on April 4, 1944 - in his PANTHER Mark V tank, he knocked out FIVE T-34 tanks!! Also comes with a rare 23 Panzer Division unit reunion program with division emblem, a nice portrait photo of hi in Panzer uniform, Feldpost and more.
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