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9.  GERMAN CROSS IN GOLD Winner Soldbuch & Document Group – 168 Inf Division
Super grouping to DKiG Winner Major Otto ANZ. Comes with a nice grouping of documents including his SOLDBUCH with very nice officer portrait, all awards entered including the DKiG! Comes with his German Cross in Gold Award Document, Iron Cross First Class Award Doc with original signature Generalleutnant Dietrich Kraiß (Oakleaves winner), Iron Cross Second Class Award Doc with original signature General der Infanterie Karl Strecker (RK winner), Wound Badge in black, Drivers Badge III Klasse with original signature Generalleutnant Carl Becker (Oakleaves winner), General Assault Badge – also with Kraiß signature, Wound Badge in Silver, Westwall Medal. All with great signatures. Also lengthy newspaper clipping regarding his DKiG award, documents and performance reviews that have very good service details including Generalstab Akademie, original military discharge, formal promotion document to Leutnant, Bundeswehr Wehrpass, Truppenausweis, and more! He ended the war serving as the Ib in the Stab of the 253 Inf Division.