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Waffen-SS FIVE Photo Album Group - Leibstandarte SS “Adolf Hitler” + FÜHRERSCHÜTZKOMMANDO OBERSALZBURG!!
605 photos in
FIVE photo albums, all from the same Waffen-SS man!! He served in VI./LSSAH and also FÜHRERSCHÜTZKOMMANDO OBERSALZBURG - Hitler’s personal SS guard at the BERGHOF! 559 photos! Named to SS Rottenführer Gottfried BIEHLE. Comes with VERY nice promotion document to SS-Rottenführer dated Dec 12, 1940 with ORIGINAL signature Wilhelm MOHNKE!!

Album 1: 181 photos. There is a SUPER studio portrait of him with LAH slip on shoulder board ciphers and Infantry Assault Badge. He has a baby face so is easy to spot through the album. Starts with a SUPER photo of HIMMLER & HEIDRICH leaving building together in Berlin, FOUR original photos of HITLER, good photos from LAH Kaserne in Berlin, photo of him on watch duty at the kasernephotos of his barracks room, pass photos of him in SS uniform, on honor guard duty for Hitler at parades, weapons training, pass photos of other SSLAH comrades, then photos in the SUDETENLAND Campaign, several identified locations including several ethos from Zilnia, then photos of him assigned to FUEHRERSCHÜTZKOMMANDO OBERSALZBURG! He was part of the Hitler’s personal SS guard at the BERGHOF!! [Most of the Berghof service photos have photo shop stamp on reverse from Berchtesgaden] Beautiful large photo of the Berghof from across the valley, great photos of the Berghof, he and comrades marching past the Berghof, photos him on the balcony of the Berghof, great photos of the SS BARRACKS, on leave hiking nearby, parade ceremonies in Berchtesgaden, amazing photo he took looking inside the great window of the Berghof - doubly rare as the window is lowered(!!), SIX original photos of HITLER visiting and touring the SS Berghof Barracks, several photos of Hitler’s personal adjutant Otto GÜNSCHE can be seen in these photos, the Plattendorn at the Berghof, and more! Then he is transferred for service in the POLAND CAMPAIGN - original private photo of Sept DIETRICH, photos of JEWS expelled from Polish towns, Polish POWs. destruction, Panzers , armored train, good MG positions, original photos of SS-Obersturmbannführer Rudolf SANDIG (RK winner), very nice LAH parades in PRAGUE and more. Amazing album!

Album 2: 168 photos, well captioned throughout. Starts with him in SS service on the Rhine in 1939, then service in the France Campaign, good photos from Rotterdam, SS camp smocks and helmets in wear rolling through Rotterdam, knocked out Dutch bunkers, crashed planes, great photo of SSLAH officer talking with Dutch POW, rolling through Amsterdam, photos from Arnhem, great photos of SS graves including a super close up showing SS Belt buckle they affixed to man’s cross, knocked out French tanks, many French POWs, many other identified locations in France & Belgium, photos from Paris, great original photo of the man standing behind SEPP DIETRICH and HITLER at a dinner in Metz, then photos from BALKANS and GREECE, then photos on leave visiting SS Kaserne in OBERSALZBURG/Berghof! He previously served there as part of the FUEHRERSCHÜTZKOMMANDO OBERSALZBURG! Great photos of Platterhof, Berghof, SS barracks, etc.

Album 3: 134 photos, well captioned. Starts with him and his unit at the BERGHOF!!   Many good photos of the Berghof, SS Barracks at the Berghof, Platterhof at the Berghof, then photos from training at Sennelager at Paderborn, MO40 and Mg 34 training, mortar squads, SS camp smocks and helmet covers in wear, then shipping out to RUSSIA, photo of him on day of his EK2 award, SSLAH cufftitles in wear, several nice SS postcards, SS vehicles, then transfer back from France in 1942photos from Paris, funeral ceremonies in France, and more.

Album 4: 46 photos and postcards. nice grouping of SS combat related postcard images, then photos of him attending a ski training course in 1944.

Album 5: 76 photos form his RAD service. Actually a very good RAD album, well captioned, good content and well captioned

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