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WWII B-29 JEWISH Pilot TRUNK GROUPING - 462nd & 6th Bomb Groups
Extensive trunk grouping to Jewish B-29 pilot Lt Joseph Harold ARONSON who flew with the 462nd Bomb Group, 768th Bomb Squadron and later the 6th Bomb Group, 40th Bomb Squadron. Comes in high quality wooden Abel & Back 1943 dated footlocker. Nice Class A jacket with pilot’s wings, DI’s, PUC, etc., true Flighter Crusher cap, two garrison cap, silver platter, extensive number of flight and training manuals, box full of original wartime letters, box with additional insignia including A-2 leather tags and dog tag, Flight Log from training, Japanese phrase book, several original photos including a super crew photo infant of their B-29, very nice studio portraits, huge amount of original paperwork - orders, promotions, and his complete flight file showing every flight he made! his footlocker stencil, Jewish tree fund certificate, and more! Great grouping/ US shipping only.