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21.  1936 Olympic Game Participant Photo Album + Cufftitle - TOP!
133 photos of August GROSS, a participant (A gymnast, I believe) in the 1936 Olympics who stayed at the international students village. Comes with an ORIGINAL "Internationales Sportstudentenlager" Cufftitle on cover! - very rare!  Super photos of these cufftitles in wear!!  Also comes with his OFFICIAL OLYMPIC AUSWEIS with photo and details identifying him as an active participant in the games!  Also a letter to the man regarding his participation, Very well captioned. Filled with excellent photos of the Olympics grounds, facilities, personnel, etc. Great photos of the atheletes "Die Mannschaft" in formal Army looking uniform, athletes training, Swedish team  Women exercising (he liked these), high officials, good photos of foreign teams, and more.  One of the best Olympic albums I have offered with rare documents and insignia - and only one a of a few to an actual athlete in the games!!
1100 Euro - $1560