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108.  Vietnam 101st AIRBORNE GENERAL's Photo Album Grouping - TOP!
Amazing two photo album grouping which belonged to Major general Willard PEARSON, commander of the 1st Brigade, 101st Airborne.  He led  the first 101st AB unit  into Vietnam in 1965!  Fantastic early content. One album is a field made, hand carved album with beautiful painted 101st AB insignia and engraved plaque dedicated to Pearson.  The two albums contain hundreds of amazing photos, almost all with detailed captions!  You can fund MUCH info about Pearson on the interenet. below are a few links to videos of him in the field, books, detailed info, etc.  The content is outstanding. Several color photos, as well. Original signed and dedicated photo of PM of S. Vietnam made out to Pearson. Super images of Pearson in unfiorm in the field, 101st insignia, 101st troops in full kit in the field, helicopters with insignias, other identified officers, shells exploding in the field, troops in foxholes, patrols in the bush, medal ward ceremonies officiated by Pearson, captured enemy weapons including an MG 34,  Pearson leading named operations in the field - HAWTHORNE, SEWARD, PICKETT and more, Pearson being awarded medals by S. Vietnam Prime minister, photos of General Westmoreland, aircraft, photos of Martha Raye visiting the unit, service dogs, wounded loaded on to Hueys, troops on search and destroy missions, more. Historically important material.